Junior Cycle Teachers Agree To Assess Ones They Aren’t Scared Of.

Bonn, Gymnasium, Chemieunterricht

Fight! Fight! Irish teachers are apoplectic, but less so than some of their pupils.

A statement from the Teachers’ Union of Ireland released today indicates that a breakthrough may have been made in the dispute concerning proposed changes of grading procedure within the Irish education system.

Union representatives have said that a majority of their members would be happy to personally assess any student in their charge at Junior Certificate level, as long as the ones they were frightened of could be done by somebody else.

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An Focal Ar An tSráid.

Nationwide, a total of over 600 people today found themselves on trolleys and in chairs awaiting admission to their local hospital, which tops the previous highest number of 569 set in 2011.

Dr. Tony O’Connell, who last May was made A&E Task Force Chairman, has tendered his resignation, while INMO General Secretary Liam Doran noted on Sunday that the Midland Regional Hospital in Mullingar was “in meltdown”. What do you think?

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Water Demo Organizer’s Uncommitted Approach To Pronouncing `30´ and `40´ Blamed For Turnout Figure Confusion


Many? Lots of? Definitely several people at yesterday’s Water Charge demonstration.

Difficulty in establishing an accurate figure for the attendance at yesterday’s Anti Water Charges demonstration in Dublin has been blamed partly on the unwillingness of certain protest group spokespeople to physically voice certain numbers, it has been learned.

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Supplier Pulls Entire Line Of Rugby Enhancing Drugs From Southside Chain.

‘Roids Jaw can be stashed behind a beard. But beard doesn’t always mean ‘Roids.

The manufacturers of a well known brand of rugby-specific performance enhancing drugs have pulled their entire product palette from the backrooms of a new chain of Sports Nutrition shops in south Dublin today after disagreement with the owners over pricing levels.

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Me and My Big Mouth.


Just good friends? Of course not. Now read on…

When meditating for more than a moment upon Ireland’s chequered yet in the main glorious industrial past, one’s thoughts will tend naturally to drift briskly towards those twin behemoths of portable, disposable heat and light generation, Messrs. Maguire and Paterson.

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