McGregor and McIlroy Credit Record Hip Mobility Scores To Shared Irish Dancing Past.


Good swivel is pre-requisite to bringing off a good kick, in MMA as well as in Irish Dancing.

Both Conor McGregor and Rory McIlroy have spoken at length this week about the debt their respective sporting careers owe to the formative years they spent in their home country as keen students of Irish Dancing.

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Successful Prevention Of Over 14 Million Bad Screenplays Directly Attributable To Facebook, Say Experts.

artThe addictive qualities of Facebook have been likened to those associated with freebase cocaine, minus the attendant euphoria.

Over 200 million pieces of potentially self-involved, cringe-inducing free verse poetry, hundreds of thousands of thinly disguised autobiographies framed as rambling ‘novellas’, along with a high number of other examples of Bad Art have been murdered in their beds by the ingeniously distracting charms of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, it was reported this week.

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Carlow Man Mildly Worried To Learn That ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Can Also Mean ‘I Follow Charlie’.

tomClearly just Tom & Jerry

Carlow Town shop assistant Gavin Lynam has admitted having second thoughts about his new Facebook cover photo today after learning that ‘Je suis Charlie’, as well as meaning ‘I am Charlie’, can also mean ‘I follow Charlie’.

“I wouldn’t want random demented homicidal people coming to my house because they were angry about me following – in inverted commas – Charlie in any real sense”, he said.

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An Focal Ar An tSráid.

Nationwide, a total of over 600 people today found themselves on trolleys and in chairs awaiting admission to their local hospital, which tops the previous highest number of 569 set in 2011.

Dr. Tony O’Connell, who last May was made A&E Task Force Chairman, has tendered his resignation, while INMO General Secretary Liam Doran noted on Sunday that the Midland Regional Hospital in Mullingar was “in meltdown”. What do you think?

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